2nd Day of Bookmas Giveaway Clue (where I profess another unrequited love…)


Those of you who haven’t come here from the BookEnds blog should click HERE for an explanation if you have no idea what I’m talking about, and click here for the official rules, and here to enter your answer for a chance to win. Or, just come back in another week, when I’ll be back to my usual way-TMI sharing.

Kim’s Clue:

You probably won’t be all that surprised to learn that my very first job was at a store called BookLand. I’d spent several years volunteering at my school library and was already a complete bookworm — some things never change. We sold books and magazines there, along with lots and lots and lots of lottery tickets. Some days were busier than others, and I often found myself with some extra time between customers to read.

I usually gravitated toward romantic suspense and gothics, but while stocking the shelves and getting to know the store’s inventory, I became intrigued with a mystery series that I’d also watched on the small screen. It wasn’t my usual fare, but I was hooked.

Can you name the series and the author?

My clue:

One of the words in this book’s title was the name of an actor in a hit show from the 90s that I was completely hooked on. (We had girls’ nights while I was in school, where we’d all gather to drink wine and watch even though we were way too old for the show’s target audience. We were even more hooked on the campy show following it…OMG, I miss those days.)

I mentioned the crush I had on Dave Eggers yesterday, which was purely intellectual. But my crush on this actor was pure lust. He was one of those bad boys I was way too uncool for, hot with a capital HAWT.

Okay, how else can I embarrass myself today? What if I told you I don’t remember the last time I washed our sheets? It might have been three weeks ago, might have been more than a month. I do not recommend having both a baby and a deadline simultaneously. Separately they’re manageable, even fun. But together, they lead to pillowcases that smell like salami. Which has nothing to do with anything, so you’d best move on to someone else’s blog if you’re actually looking to win something. Good luck guessing!

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2 responses to “2nd Day of Bookmas Giveaway Clue (where I profess another unrequited love…)”

  1. Karen says:

    Mmmmm, Luke Perry. 😉
    Karen recently posted..Paranoia or Diabetes

  2. Stacey D. says:

    You crack me up. That’s all I wanted to share since I cannot figure out any of your clues!
    Stacey D. recently posted..Meme Monday!

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