Wait till you get home from work to watch this…


…so that you can watch it with the sound on. Because, you know, every video is better with the sound on, and plus I paid 99 cents for one of the songs so I want to get my money’s worth.

I promise this is my last post about the end of Anna’s babyhood, because I’m actually getting sick of my sappy self. But I like this video too much (and spent too ridiculously long on it) not to share it. I can’t watch it without sobbing but I can’t stop watching it, so my face always looks like raw meat, oozing from every orifice, one of which is emitting weird braying noises like a hyena in heat. (Anna sits on my lap while I’m watching and crying, grabbing for the little girl on the screen, and I imagine her watching this when she’s old enough to understand the baby is her, which makes me cry harder, after which she laughs at me because she thinks I’m playing Old Macdonald, which makes me laugh back so it’s all good again.)

(With a "whaaaa" here and a "whaaaa" there...)

(The video’s semi-long, but if you end up skipping ahead I hope you’ll watch the last 25 seconds or so with sound on. It’s my favorite part.)

A year ago feels like yesterday, and it feels like a lifetime ago…


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8 responses to “Wait till you get home from work to watch this…”

  1. Briley says:

    It should say “wait till you get home from work to watch this…

    …so that when you’re crying at work you don’t look like a blubbering idiot!”
    Briley recently posted..It Started as Just a Cute Story

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy, happy birthday to your daughter and her parents!! What a gorgeous video you’ve made. So sweet and full of love. (I’m sitting here crying at work also.)

  3. Crystal says:

    She is just SO beautiful!!!!
    Crystal recently posted..HAWMC

  4. Brenda W. says:

    That was beautiful! Happy birthday to Anna
    Brenda W. recently posted..D365 Take Two!

  5. Stacey D. says:

    I’m finally getting to watch this and what a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. You can feel the love in every single one of those pictures :)
    Stacey D. recently posted..Sick

  6. Karen says:

    Anna and Elizabeth – that was a beautiful video!!
    Karen recently posted..Just the beginning

  7. Kerri. says:

    My heart is in a million little pieces on the floor. So beautiful. Happy birthday, Anna.

  8. karend1 says:

    Loved it!!

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