Happy Friday, Y’all! (Now can somebody…


…please explain this video to me? Was it wrong of me to laugh? Because I do worry about this (girl?)(boy?) I assume she/he has a bedwetting problem, she/he’s singing with such determination and earnestness all the while doing the pee-pee dance while his/her sisters egg him/her on with their backup vocals. I just want to understand why a family that dresses like Mormons would have added this gem to their repertoire, and why there is such thunderous applause after a song that’s not impressive so much as confusing. Has God (also singing backup) told this girl/boy that peeing is a sin, and the audience is resoundingly acknowledging this?

(Warning before you press Play…I now can’t get this song out of my head.)


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6 responses to “Happy Friday, Y’all! (Now can somebody…”

  1. Crystal says:

    What the hell?!?!?

    Ha ha ha!
    Crystal recently posted..HAWMC- Post 1 Health Acrostic

  2. Jeff Mather says:

    I would say it’s an April Fool’s joke, but it’s on the internet so it must be true.
    Jeff Mather recently posted..Triathletes are Crazy

  3. Sara says:

    Please don’t ask me how I know this, but that is the Kelly family and that is a boy. :)

  4. Sara says:

    Just kidding, you can tell that is the Kelly family from the video, but yeah they were a singing family like the Osmonds. Some of them are still traveling together and singing.

    The clip was on Jimmy Kimmel a few nights ago which inspired a Wikipedia trip for me. Unfortunately, they don’t tour the US much.

  5. Rachel says:

    Um. I will have nightmares. Of peeing in my bed.

  6. Wow. That was, um… Wow.


    This is something I would have expected to have seen on George’s YTT!

    My son said “dangit, I have that song stuck in my head now”
    Scott K. Johnson recently posted..Diabetes Diplomats – Lisa &amp Zach Treese

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