You Will Hate Me…


…after you read this post. Then will love me for about 20 minutes as you wander into the kitchen, cook and eat. Then will hate me again. Although if you’re reading this at work, you will just hate me.

I’m sorry, I just felt I needed to share a piece of information I only learned today, that April is Grilled Cheese Month. I also felt I needed to share some photos.

I’m also bringing a recipe to those of you who have not yet either drowned in drool or wandered off into your kitchen to make an imperfect version. I stole it from another website (which I’m too lazy to look up again and link), taste-tested it and have verified for you that it does indeed make the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich. So go on, go on, you know you want to.

Next time I see you, you will be five pounds heavier. You’re Welcome.


1. Melt butter in a nonstick pan over low heat.

2. Butter one of two slices of bread, then add a slice of your favorite cheese. (I used Trader Joe’s Cheddar/Gruyere, which is the bomb-diggety.) Assemble.

3. Put the sandwich in the bottom of the pan and cover the pan.

4. Cook over very low heat for about 15 minutes. Check every few minutes to make sure the heat isn’t too high and causing the underside of the sandwich to burn.

5. When the underside of the sandwich is golden brown and the cheese is melting out the sides, turn over the sandwich and brown the other side over medium heat.

6. Eat in two bites, and then make another. Eat in three bites, wish your stomach was big enough for another, say to hell with it and then make another anyway because after all, Grilled Cheese Month only comes 30 days a year.

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3 responses to “You Will Hate Me…”

  1. Oh my word. NOW I know why my birthday is in April!! It all makes so much sense now!

    Grilled cheese sandwiches are my favorite food ever, especially when I don’t burn them while cooking… Haha!!

    Those pictures look delicious.
    Scott K. Johnson recently posted..Diabetes Diplomats – Lisa &amp Zach Treese

  2. Kaitake says:

    Om nom nom. When is French toast month? Oh, that’s right, I’ve already started! Lol 😛

  3. Jeff says:

    I hate/love this. It’s only 9AM, but I want a grilled cheese sammich now!
    Jeff recently posted..Spring Cleaning

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